George Cruikshank

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Six gentlemen upon the road

Thus seeing Gilpin fly,
With post-boy scamp'ring in the rear,

They raised the hue and cry : --

Stop thief! stop thief! -- a highwayman!"

Not one of them was mute;
And all and each that passed that way

Did join in the pursuit.

Illustration by George Cruikshank

And now the turnpike gates again

Flew open in short space;
The toll-men thinking, as before.

That Gilpin rode a race.

The rush, and shouting, and clatter are here excellently depicted by the artist; and we, who have been scoffing at his manner of designing animals, must here make a special exception in favour of the hens and "chickens; each has a different action, and is curiously natural.

Happy are children of all ages who have such a ballad and such pictures as this in store for them! It is a comfort to think that wood- cuts never wear out, and that the book still may be had at Mr Tilt's for a shilling, for those who can command that sum of money.

In the ' Epping Hunt,' which we owe to the facetious pen of Mr Hood, our artist has not been so successful. There is here too much horsemanship and not enough incident for him; but the portrait of Roundings the huntsman is an excellent sketch,

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