George Cruikshank

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peculiar manner : this cut does not come from the facetious pubications which we have consulted, and from which we have borrowed; but is a contribution by Mr Cruikshank to an elaborate and splendid botanical work upon the Orchidacese of Mexico, by Mr Bateman. Mr Bateman dispatched some extremely choice roots of this valuable plant to a friend in England, who, on the arrival of the case, consigned it to his gardener to unpack. A

Illustration by George Cruikshank

great deal of anxiety with regard to the contents was manifested by all concerned, but on the lid of the box being removed, there issued from it three or four fine specimens of the enormous Blatta beetle that had been preying upon the plants during the voyage; against these the gardeners, the grooms, the porters, and the porter's children, issued forth in arms, and which the artist has immortalized, as we see.

We have spoken of the admirable way in which Mr Cruikshank has depicted Irish character and Cockney character; here is English country character quite as faithfully delineated in the person of the stout porteress and her children, and of yonder " Chawbacon " with the shovel, on whose face is written " Zummerzetsheer." Is it hypercriticism to say that the gardener on the ground is a Scotchman ? there is a well-known Scotch gentleman in London who must surely have stretched for the portrait. Chawbacon appears in another plate, or else Chawbacon's brother. He has come up to Lunnon, and is looking about him at raaces.

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